The “Gemeinderat” (Municipal council) is the executive authority of the borough. It consists of seven members, each of whom is responsible for one of the following areas of responsibility: presidency, education/culture/recreation, finance and economics, health and social services, structural engineering, civil engineering as well as public areas and environment. These local councillors, who perform their duties on a part-time basis, are elected by the population for a term of four years. The presidency of the “Gemeinderat” is also determined by public vote. As a general rule the “Gemeinderat” holds one meeting per week which is not open to the public. The “Einwohnerrat” (Communal council) is the legislative authority of the borough. Its 40 members are elected once every four years. Some of its most important duties are issuing regulations, setting tax rates and sanctioning the budget and the end-of-year financial statement, as well as supervising the administration. The meeting place of the “Einwohnerrat” is the large hall in the Town Hall. The “Einwohnerrat” meets on the last Monday of the month for its regular meetings. They are open to the general public.

The council administration has organised the Town Office as the central contact point for all administrative queries related to the community. It is situated on the ground floor of the civic centre and is open to all members of the population requiring information. The Town Office is also in charge of the council's „Einwohnerkontrolle“ (Register of Inhabitants) and the AHV-/disability insurance branch office. Forms, certificates, attestations, fee stamps and numerous brochures and information sheets about what is on offer in the community and the region, can all be obtained at the Town Office. The members of staff at the Town Office can provide information about who to contact in the case of more specific questions. They are happy to assist non-German speakers in English. There are free advisory services for many questions and problems, particularly for social issues, in Reinach itself or in the region. Confidential information about the relevant services can also be obtained from the Town Office.


Municipality of Reinach, Hauptstrasse 10, 4153 Reinach, Tel. 061 511 60 00, E-Mail info(at)reinach-bl.ch
Municipal offices: open 8.30-11.30 and 13.30 - 16, Wednesdays till 18 pm, Fridays 8.30-14 and by appointment

Departements: open 8.30-11.30 and by appointment.

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