Education and childcare services

In canton Baselland, obligatory schooling lasts nine years and is free of charge for all children. At the primary level in Reinach around 1,250 pupils are taught in, on average, 17 kindergartens and around 50 primary school classes (normal classes and special needs reduced size classes). The choice of schools available at the primary level are communal and financed by the municipality. The primary level schools in Reinach are directed by a school management team. The school management runs the schools from a pedagogical, staffing, organizational and administrative point of view. Around 150 teachers impart the technical und social competences stipulated in the curriculum. In canton Baselland the children first attend the mandatory two years of kindergarten, before moving on to a primary school close to where they live. After the 6th class in primary school they move on to the secondary level. The curriculum 21 specifies the social, technical and multi-disciplinary competences required. It serves as the guideline for the pupils' school careers throughout every stage of their schooling.


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